From July 6, update the Loca app to maintain access to the app. Motion detection will then also be available for Loca 2 users. More info here.

Use case: Maat Transport

MAAT Transport uses Loca for insight and a higher deployability of its trailers.

MAAT Transport has been the specialist in the field of regular and exceptional transport for over 85 years. Maat Transport has its own extensive fleet consisting of vehicles and following material such as trailers. Thanks to their long experience, they know where the logistical bottlenecks lie and Maat Transport is aware that every detail counts to make a difference in the logistics sector.

In the logistics sector, every detail counts: we increase employability with Loca

It often happened that trailers came back later than originally intended. We clearly felt the need to gain more insight into the current location of our more than 60 trailers. By equipping each trailer with a Loca tracker, we neatly receive the location of our trailers every day. We can view this location via the app or the web portal. It is a pleasant thought to be able to trace the trailers, which drastically reduces the risk of company goods being lost. Partly thanks to the all-in price of Loca and the extremely long battery life, Loca is an interesting solution for us to increase the usability of our trailers.

Maat Transport satisfied with the use of Loca

At MAAT Transport we are very satisfied with the support of the employees at Loca, they respond quickly to questions and are always helped extensively and neatly. As far as we are concerned, Loca is a great party to work with in the field of telematics solutions such as asset tracking, says Boudewijn Veldhuizen of MAAT Transport.

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