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Distributors (wholesalers) of Loca

For Loca, we collaborate with various distributors for different target markets, such as the automotive, trailer industry, and watersports.


Global leader in IT technology

Ingram Micro provides partners with access to the latest technology and managed solutions, including cloud, configuration, supply chain, and asset lifecycle.

Countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg.

Fource Automotive (LKQ)

Distributor of auto parts for cars and commercial vehicles

Fource Automotive, part of LKQ Corporation, is a leading player in the automotive aftermarket. As a supplier of auto parts, Fource serves a wide range of customers, including garages, dealers, and body shops. With an extensive range of quality replacement parts for both cars and commercial vehicles, Fource plays an essential role in supporting the mobility industry. The company is known for its extensive network, efficient logistics, and dedication to customer satisfaction, making it a trusted partner for professionals in the automotive sector.

Countries: Netherlands & Belgium.


Distributor in Trailer and Agricultural Parts

Protempo is a leading supplier of logistics solutions, specializing in the distribution of wheels, pneumatic tires, and related products. With an extensive range and years of experience, Protempo serves various sectors, including agriculture, industry, and transport. The company is known for its reliability and customer-centric approach, with a focus on efficiency and quality.

Country: Netherlands.

Lankhorst Tasselaar

Distributor of Watersports Articles

Lankhorst Taselaar is a renowned supplier in the maritime sector, specializing in the distribution of ship supplies and technical materials. With decades of experience, Lankhorst Taselaar offers a comprehensive range of products for sail and motor yachts, as well as commercial vessels. The company has built a strong reputation by delivering high-quality products, ranging from deck equipment and anchor supplies to technical components. Lankhorst Taselaar is known for its customer focus, innovative solutions, and dedication to the maritime community, making it a reliable partner for ship owners, yacht yards, and professionals in the maritime industry.

Countries: Netherlands, Germany, and England.

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