From July 6, update the Loca app to maintain access to the app. Motion detection will then also be available for Loca 2 users. More info here.

Map all your company equipment. On desktop and smartphone​

You will receive 1 notification every day of all the location of your company assets. The web portal has been developed for the entrepreneur and is designed for large numbers (bulk). The locations of all objects neatly in one overview? Want to view reports afterwards? This and more is possible with the handy web portal. This makes saving time and money very easy!

A software solution directly via the browser on your PC

My Loca is specifically designed for entrepreneurs to analyze smart data and reveal actionable insights that make your business more efficient and intelligent. Stay in full control, analyze large data sets and set up useful notifications.

Loca is multi language: available in Dutch, English, German & French.

The Loca app, handy when you're on the go

Get valuable insights with Loca
that you can use to organize your company smarter

Share locations

Share the location of that one trailer or machine with a colleague Share it!

3 years of history

View all locations of your objects up to 3 years ago.

Search your equipment

Find the location quickly and easily with the handy search function.

Cloud based

Not on the case? No problem, you can view the location via the My Loca app.

Download reports

Receive automatically generated reports with all location data in 1 overview.

Create groups

Create an extra overview and place your objects in a group.

Most frequently asked questions about the Loca platform​

Yes, there is an API link available for the My Loca web portal. With this you can easily link the location data of your objects with your own (CRM) systems.

Yes, both Loca GPS trackers, Loca 2 and Loca 1 work through the same web portal and app. Do you use the Loca 1 GPS trackers to track your business assets and do you want to add the Loca 2 to this? Both GPS trackers work via the same portal.

The Loca App and the web portal are available in Dutch, English, German and French.

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