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Order a new Loca 2 or extend your current Loca 2?

Make your choice below:

Order a new Loca 2

Now € 119,- with code: SALE10

Extend your current Loca 2

Extend from € 39,-

* Because providers are expected to stop the 2G network in the Netherlands by the end of 2025, we can no longer offer an extension for the  Loca 1. Loca 1 runs on the 2G network. In Belgium, the 2G network ends later, expected in 2030.

Most frequently asked questions about extending your Loca gps tracker:

When the shopping cart icon appears with your Loca gps tracker in the app or web portal, it means that the battery of your Loca gps tracker is empty. You can now easily extend your tracker on

*You cannot extend the Loca 1 gps tracker because of the 2G network. Loca 2 however can be extended.

Do you no longer want to use your Loca 1 or Loca 2 gps tracker? Then we advise you to hand in your tracker at a WeCycle collection point.

We offer 2 different options to extend the life of your Loca 2 GPS tracker by 3 years*.

*Based on 1 position per day for a period of 3 years. By changing the frequency it will affect the lifetime of the GPS tracker.

The Loca will last a maximum of 3 years (under ideal conditions) at 1 position per day. If you set the frequency higher (e.g. 4x per day) the Loca will last less.

See this page for the expected lifetime at multiple location updates per day.

No, just replacing the Loca 2 GPS tracker’s battery is not enough. You need to purchase an extension for the full operation of the tracker.

If you order the Loca 2 Extension (1. Full service or 2. Do it yourself) you are entitled to:

  • 3 years of use of your Loca 2 gps tracker*.
  • Support
  • Connectivity
  • Access to the app & web portal

*Based on the default setting of 1 location per day. Changing frequency will affect battery life.

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible.

Loca 1 operates on 2G technology, which will be phased out the Netherlands (and other countries) around the end of 2025.

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