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Use case: Wim Verhuur​

With more than 7000 machines in the portfolio of Wim Verhuur, the company is one of the largest rental companies in the field of machines in all of Belgium. Wim Verhuur rents out all imaginable machines: from construction machines, to aerial platforms, machines for earth moving and machines that are used by landscape gardeners when laying out gardens. “In more than three years’ time, our fleet has expanded with more than 2000 machines”, says owner Wim Van Nuffelen of Wim Verhuur.

Upscaling fleet creates a challenge

At the same time, this is a major challenge for us, says Wim van Nuffelen during a conversation with Hugo Kampman. “The expansion of our fleet with more than 2,000 machines in a short period of 2 years ensures that we want to keep an overview of where our more than 7,000 machines are located. Preferably with 1 drop on the button. Insights into active and inactive use of machines are also relevant insights for us”.

Affordable form of asset tracking

We have been looking for an affordable form of asset tracking for a long time, in which a short return on investment was one of the important pillars. In September 2021 we came into contact with Loca. A form of asset tracking in which we as a company are not tied to monthly data costs. This is one of the reasons that we have not yet implemented large-scale application of asset tracking within our company, simply because it made it too expensive. Loca’s asset tracker offers an ideal solution!

Excellent user experience Loca

In December 2021 we started a short pilot with Loca. We have extensively tested the Loca GPS tracker over a period of 3 months. After a few weeks we came to the conclusion that Loca is an ideal solution for our business. It saves our colleagues in the workplace a lot of time. They have a single view of the locations of our machines. We have also been able to set up processes even more efficiently and with 1 look in the app I have insight into active and inactive use of our fleet.

After a successful pilot we use Loca

After a successful pilot, we started to apply Loca on a larger scale within our company. We have now equipped more than 1,000 machines with Loca. During the upcoming construction period, another part of our fleet of machines will be expanded with Loca. Attaching the tracker to our machines is done in less than 2 minutes, it really is a matter of Plug & Play!

Loca is the ideal solution for companies that want to provide their machines or goods with affordable, but very accurate IoT tracking.

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