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Blog: Loca enters into a partnership with Recherchebureau Heijm B.V.​

Recovery service for commercial vehicles and equipment. With Loca we have entered into a partnership with Recherchebureau Heijm. In the case of a stolen, missing or unreturned business object or valuable private property, you can use the recovery service of the National Vehicle Recovering Center (LCVR).

How does it work?

Tracking down a stolen, missing or unreturned object is very simple. In the event of theft or loss, please contact Heijm Recherchebureau. After you have paid the costs for the recovery service (€ 490,- excluding VAT), Heijm Recherchebureau gets to work. You will receive an e-mail with an instruction which documents you must submit, such as an official report of the declaration, an authorization and a photo of the object in question. In addition to the documents, you also give Heijm Recherchebureau access to the Loca app or web portal. Tip: has your valuable vehicle or tool been stolen? Then immediately report it to the police. They cannot retrieve your vehicle without an official report.

Reduce the risks

The LCVR’s retrieval service has a number of important advantages. Because the detectives of Recherchebureau Heijm locate and secure the vehicles, you prevent yourself or one of your employees from ending up in an unsafe situation. The speed at which Heijm works prevents the vehicle from having already been searched and the GPS material removed. In short: you increase the chance that your object will soon be returned to you in its original condition.

Transport arranged

In terms of transport, Recherchebureau Heijm offers all kinds of solutions. For example, in the event of overdue payments, the vehicle can be taken back from your customer on the basis of the contract concluded. Another option is to use a crane truck from the insurer. Another option is a police crane, if the vehicle is seized after it has been found. The transport is therefore entirely dependent on the situation, but will be arranged for you. The National Vehicle Recovering Center offers the service throughout the Netherlands.

More information?

Click here for more information about the recovery service of Recherchebureau Heijm B.V. Do you want to retrieve stolen goods with a Loca GPS tracker attached? Click here to order the return service.

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