Use case: REMONDIS Nederland

Accelerated turnaround speed and increased customer satisfaction with Loca's tracking solutions

REMONDIS Nederland has been using Loca GPS tracking for several months now. The REMONDIS group is active in many areas: We extract raw materials from waste, develop innovative recycling products, offer alternative energy sources and are involved in water supply and wastewater treatment.

REMONDIS Nederland optimizes with Loca GPS trackers for equipment!

For several years now, the company has noticed that it is increasingly important to trace the location of containers in order to optimize throughput speed and customer satisfaction. In case of theft, we can also quickly trace the containers.

We work with Loca to be able to trace our containers and other equipment

Now that we have attached a Loca to each container, our planning department can monitor the location of the containers and other equipment. In the coming period we will provide several business objects with Loca and we will further integrate the dashboard within our department.

In the search for a new tracking solution, we came across Loca. We immediately ordered the trackers and equipped our equipment with Loca. The advantage of the favorable price and a solution without subscription costs was very interesting for us. With Loca we have no recurring monthly costs, a one-off investment and with that we are assured of the tracking of our equipment for 3 years.

Location of our containers transparent via web-based platform

It is a pleasant thought that we can now trace our containers on a daily basis via the user-friendly dashboard. Highly recommended for any company that wants to trace its equipment for a financially attractive price!

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