Customer experience: Event Medical Service B.V.

Event Medical Service B.V. tracks medical equipment and BLS bags with Loca

Event Medical Service B.V., part of the Dutch Safety Group, has been the specialist in event assistance since 2002. EMS is the specialist in medical assistance and fire safety at events. From major events such as festivals, concerts and sports competitions to neighborhood activities, company parties and four-day walks. Our rescuers, vehicles and safety products can be found at more than 1,500 events each year.

Looking for GPS tracking with a long battery life and without monthly costs

“In our search for a tracking solution, we had set certain preconditions in advance,” says Ramon Soer of Dutch Safety Group. The trackers should be easy to use, without us having to work with separate SIM cards ourselves. In addition, we wanted a solution for a fixed all-in price without additional monthly costs. Given the preconditions, the Loca GPS tracker was the ideal tracking solution for tracing our equipment.

Losing objects is prevented thanks to Loca

By using the Loca GPS tracker, we at Event Medical Service ensure that the chance of objects getting lost is considerably reduced. It provides peace of mind, because we have an overview of all our equipment and unnecessary investments due to the loss of equipment are prevented.

Useful road portal and app

Via the web-based portal, we can trace the location of our equipment at a glance. This way we can see exactly at which event certain devices were used and whether they actually returned. In this way we prevent the loss of the often expensive devices and reduce the risk of unnecessary investments.

Outstanding service

We currently have more than 100 devices equipped with a Loca GPS tracker. We are extremely satisfied with the service so far. It sometimes happened that the battery was empty quickly with a single tracker, this was then excellently solved by the support department of Loca. You will be helped quickly and professionally, a pleasant feeling!

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