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The final step to complete your Loca renewal extension

Have you replaced the battery? Complete the form and we will reactivate your Loca remotely.

Frequently asked questions about getting your Loca gps tracker activated

Within office hours, we will have reactivated your Loca gps tracker within 4 hours of receiving your request.

After you replace the battery yourself, we make sure your Loca gps tracker is reactivated, the battery percentage is at 100%. This will allow you to track the locations of your property for the next 3 years*.

Once the reactivation is completed, the battery status is automatically reset to 100% within a few positions.

You can only get your Loca reactivated if you have purchased an extension for your Loca gps tracker on With the renewal of your Loca, you extend its lifetime by 3 years, get access to the app & web and right to support.

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