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Track your valuable items with the Loca 2 GPS tracker

This is Loca 2: the high-quality, compact and waterproof GPS tracker without a subscription. Attach it to your boat, caravan or classic car. After that, you have the location in sight for 3 years*. Also experience how safe it feels to know exactly where your valuables are.

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How does it work?

Get a location every day,
for 3 years!

Of course you want to keep an eye on your new boat, caravan or old-timer. Theft is something you don’t want to think about. Secure your valuable possession with the Loca GPS tracker. For € 132,- you will receive the location for 3 years. Handy, right?

New: Motion detection

In the app you can indicate whether you want to receive a notification if your object has been moved. Handy, this way you can protect your belongings extra well against theft or loss. Such a safe feeling, right? Read more about the motion detection here.

Always your property in sight, so relaxed!

From caravan to camper and from sloop to sailing yacht: Loca can be used for all valuable possessions that you can love as a person. So it can also be about that unique old-timer, your boat or your engine that has been polished to perfection.

The people behind Loca Powered by Nedtrack

Loca is a product of Nedtrack: a Dutch specialist with GPS experience since 2003. And you notice that. The GPS tracker is made of robust material with a tasteful design.

3 year battery life

The battery is not rechargeable, but it is replaceable.

Small size

Screw, stick or glue the compact 6.5 x 5.1 x 2.1 cm tracker to any object imaginable.

No plug, just play

Activated in just 1 minute.
Simple so anyone can do it.

100% waterproof

Dust and waterproof up to 1 meter deep with the IP67 rating

New: 4G technology

Loca 2 is future-proof

Easy App

Handy app available for your iOS or Android device.

Do you always have a grip on your valuable possessions?

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