Loca 2 Extension: Full service


incl. 21% vat


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Do you want to keep using your Loca 2 gps tracker longer?

You can! You have the option to extend your Loca 2 gps tracker after the battery runs out. You have the choice of 2 extension options:

  • Loca 2 Extension (Full service);
  • Loca 2 Extension (Do it yourself).

If you order this Loca 2 Renewal, you will enjoy another 3 years of new battery*, receive new data, access to the app and web portal, and be entitled to support again.

How does the extension of my Loca 2 work?


  1. On this page, simply order the Loca 2 Extension “Full service” (enter the the SE code of your Loca).
  2. Send your Loca 2 gps tracker to the address below (shipping costs at your own expense)
    Attn: Support department
    Brouwerstraat 30
    2984 AR in Ridderkerk
  3. Send your Loca 2 in a sturdy box/packaging + include the order number of your extension with your order.
  4. After receiving your Loca 2 gps tracker, we will replace the battery, add connectivity and make your tracker ready for use.
  5. Within 2 business days, we will ship your Loca 2 back to you free of charge.
  6. Upon receiving, you can immediately put the Loca 2 gps tracker back into use for a period of 3 years*, no need to register again.

You can only extend if you already own Loca 2 gps tracker. Order a new Loca gps-tracker  here.

* Based on 1 position per day. Changing frequency will affect battery life.

*Where can I find the SE code for my Loca 2?

The unique SE code of your Loca 2 GPS tracker can be found on the white sticker on your Loca. If the sticker has become illegible, you can also view the SE code in the Loca app.

Viewing SE code via the Loca app:

  1. Open the Loca app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on “settings” in the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click on: “Your Loca”.
  4. Now select the particular Loca 2 GPS tracker you want to extend.
  5. The SE code is in the bottom field: xxxx-xxxx.


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