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The first premium GPS tracker without a subscription

Forget subscription-based GPS trackers. This is Loca: the high-quality, compact and waterproof GPS tracker with a €0.00 subscription. You simply buy it, and every day for 3 years you will be notified of the location of your valuable possessions. Want to receive a notification more often than 1x per day? Simply adjust the update frequency.

Great. The Loca app provides you with a continuous overview of your valuable possessions

The Loca app and web portal provide you with an overview of your valuable possessions, any time, anywhere. Such as your boat, classic car or motorbike.

Endless possibilities

Loca is easy to attach to your valuable possessions, such as your unique classic car, your boat or your lovingly polished motorbike. What will you use Loca for?

Loca is not afraid of water

Loca is perfect for use on the water, for example on your motorboat, sailing boat or water scooter. The GPS tracker is dust and waterproof.

IP67 rated

How does Loca work?

Small size and easy to attach