My Loca provides an overview of the location of your items 24/7

You will always know the location of your valuable assets by using the Loca app and web portal. As a company and as a consumer. You will receive 1 position update per day as a standard.

My Loca app

The free Loca app is intuitive and smart. You will receive 1 location update every day, and if you want more updates per day, then this is easy to set up. Useful, don’t you think?

Now also available in

The web portal: specially for business owners

You will receive 1 location update of your business assets once per day. The web portal has been developed for business owners, and is designed for large quantities (bulk). The locations of all items in one clear overview? View reports retrospectively? This and more can be set up in the convenient web portal. Saving time and money becomes so easy!

Loca Mijn Webportaal voor ondernemers 24/7 inzicht in de locatie van je bedrijfsgoederen

Keeping up with the latest developments

Loca updates on your smartwatch

Don’t always have your phone with you, but want to keep an eye on your classic car, e-bike or other valuable possessions? The Loca app on your smartwatch is the solution.

Features of My Loca at a glance

Share locations

Would you like to share the location of your trailer or classic car with a colleague or friend? Share it!

Find your items

Quickly and easily find their location with the handy search function.

Download reports

Receive automatically generated reports with all location data in 1 overview.

3 year history

View all the locations of your items over the past 3 years.

Cloud based

Not in your office? No problem, you can view the location via the My Loca app.

Batch settings

Specially for larger companies; save time and make quick and easy batch changes to the settings of hundreds of company assets all at once.

Create groups

Create a comprehensive overview and place your assets in a group.

New: API now available

Connect Loca to your own environment.