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The first subscription-free premium GPS tracker. *3 year battery life.

Now available for € 99,95 incl. VAT (€82.60 ex VAT)

*Based on 1 position per day. If you change the frequency, this will affect the battery life. Loca is 95% recyclable as e-waste. The Loca battery is not rechargeable, but can be replaced by our support department.

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De mogelijkheden van Loca voor bedrijven in de transport, logistiek en equipment
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Smart location data now available for all businesses

Locating your valuable goods has become much more efficient, with all location data at your fingertips. Sectors such as logistics, automotive and transport can save a lot of time and money by using GPS tracking. Until now, large-scale use has often not been financially viable due to high subscription fees. Loca has changed all

The benefits of Loca GPS tracking

Just € 0.07 cents per day

Save on staffing costs

No need to search for the location of company assets manually anymore.

Better control of your fleet & extra invoicing

More efficient use of company assets thanks to insight into use and downtime.

Get lower insurance premiums, no more unnecessary investments.

Prevent unauthorised use and theft thanks to insight into location.

Avoid extra costs related to production processes

Insight into location throught the entire process, thus minimising unplanned downtime.

A wide range of applications

Loca is easy to install on all valuable movable assets. Installation takes less than 2 minutes. After installation, you will have an overview of the locations of your containers, trailers, agricultural machinery and other business assets.

Cars & company cars
Equipment (containers, trailers, machines)
Motorhome & caravans
Motorcycles & scooters

This is Loca

The first premium GPS tracker that works without a subscription, for *3 years. Due to its low purchase price and no recurring costs, smart GPS technology is now available to all businesses.

*Battery life depends on the set update frequency (standard 1x per day) and external factors, such as weather conditions and signal quality.

An overview of your company assets 24/7

The app and extensive web portal developed specially for businesses provides an overview of your company assets at all times and from any location.

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Loca gps-tracker volg waardevolle bezittingen

Loca for consumers

Continuous overview of your valuable possessions. Very reassuring!

From caravans to motor homes and from boats to sailing yachts: Loca can be used for all your valuable possessions of sentimental value. It could be your unique classic car, your motorboat or your painstakingly polished motorbike. Order now for €99,95.

Our many satisfied customers

Satisfied customers, that’s what we aim for.

Sjaak Roos
Logistiek planner
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Het was een hele verademing voor onze collega's van de verhuurafdeling om al het grote materiaal te kunnen traceren.
Thomas Simons
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Veilig gevoel wanneer mijn oldtimer in de stalling staat. Ik weet zo altijd haar locatie.
Luuk de Meer
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Door Loca is mijn werk een stuk overzichtelijker geworden. Fijn product en goede service.
Sophie Visser
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Nadat 2x mijn elektrische fiets is gestolen heb ik Loca gekocht, nu kan ik altijd zien waar die is.

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